Due to Covid 19 I have greatly cut back on my survey work. Most pre-purchase surveys, which is the focus of my survey work, require several people be onboard a small boat in close quarters for most of a day. As this virus is so infectious and the fact that many with no symptoms can pass it along I feel it is best to limit my survey work. I am now only doing surveys where I be the only person aboard. This is not a good option for doing a good survey as it is hard to share information with buyers and it makes haulouts and water trails hard to do.  I know this may not work for many and I respect that but I feel I must try and keep myself and my family safe as well as keeping you and your family safe.

Hopefully we will get past this sooner than later. I will be spending most of my time doing writing and video projects to help educate my clients and all boaters. Please contact me if I can help you in anyway but keep in mind the limitations we are all facing at this time. I will update this as things change in the coming months.

Stay safe and healthy
Capt. Wayne Canning, AMS