Articles I have written related to marine surveying and vessel safety

  • Kidde Fire extinguisher Recall

    Kidde Fire extinguisher Recall

    For those who have not heard Kidde is having a major fire extinguisher recall due to issues with their units made with plastic handles and Plastic nozzles.  The issue has […]

  • Understanding Salvage

    Understanding Salvage

    The challenge of having your boat salvaged or recovered after a storm or accident can be intimidating and confusing. No two salvage operations are the same and dealing with insurance […]

  • Boat Yard Safety

    Boat Yard Safety

    Ahh it is that time of year, time to get out the scrapers and paint brushes, fire up the sanders and buffers and get to work on preparing your boat […]

  • Typical flare kit

    Visual Distress Signals

     With GPS, VHF, EPIRBs, and Cell phones, we feel pretty safe and hardly think about ever having to use Visual Distress Signals to get help.  Most automobile and recreational vehicle […]

  • Sport fishing boat engine compartment.

    Fixed Fire Suppression Systems.

    In part 1 I talked about hand held fire extinguishers now I would like to talk about fixed fire extinguisher systems also know as pre engineered systems. These are the […]

  • Portable marine fire extinguishers

    Maintaining Fire extinguishers.

    As a marine surveyor, one of the items that I always check is the vessels fire extinguishers. Unfortunately, more often than not, I find equipment that is old and in […]

  • Personal Floatation Devices for recreational craft

    Personal Floatation Devices for recreational craft

    Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) or more commonly known as Life Vests are wearable or throwable devices designed to help keep a person in the water afloat.  The USCG requires vessels […]

  • EPIRBs & PLB’s

    EPIRBs & PLB’s

    One of the single most important developments for marine safety has been the EPIRB and more recently the PLB. What are EPIRBs and PLBs? EPIRBs (emergency position-indicating radio beacons) and […]