What is not Covered?


Compression tests and computer history pulls are best left to those who know how to correctly do this and have the proper equipment. A good mechanic will also be more familiar with particular engine problems and recalls.  I will do an engine inspection and look for leaks and other possible problems both at the dock and while underway but a full engine survey is best left to those with that expertise. I will help recommend local mechanics that can help with this but they will work for you the buyer.


I can take oil samples and ship to a testing service if needed for an addition charge to cover my time and delivery to the testing company.  These tests mainly tell you if there is water or other foreign matter in the oil and the quantity of metal in the oil. This may or may not help to determine if something is wrong with the engine but it cannot tell you what is wrong. Oil samples tend to return better results when they are taken regularly and if the owner will share what type of oil was used and when it was last changed.


I will not operate any vessel for the purpose of sea trials. The broker, owner, or a captain will have to be prepared to run the vessel. This is because I will be busy checking the engine/s and other things during the water trial.  I strongly recommend a full water trial if you are purchasing a used or new vessel. This is your chance to get a real feel for the vessel and to push buttons and try things out. It is also important to fully check engine performance.  It has also been my experience that most of the little annoying problems are discovered on the water trial, this is your chance to get them fixed before you purchase.


I often get clients asking if we can skip the out of water inspection. yes we can but you never know what is down there without hauling and sometimes there can be some very expensive problems underwater. I strongly recommend that the vessel be hauled for the full inspection. Hauling fees are not included in the survey cost but are well worth the expense if issues are discovered, and if not at least you have that piece of mind.

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