Costs can vary and nothing is written in stone. Prices vary depending on several factors so to get the best quote give me a call and let’s talk about your needs. I try not to nickle and dime people with addon fees however I do have to charge extra for some services. If I feel this is required I will let you know upfront, no surprises.

Pre-purchase/Valuation Surveys, Insurance Survey

A pre-purchase survey involves the most work for a surveyor. The buyer needs to know what they are buying and what problems they will have to deal with. In most cases the cost of the survey will be offset by the savings realized in finding problems before you buy the boat.
Generally the cost will range from $16.00- $20.00 per foot with older larger vessels costing more and newer ones less.  This is because I will spend more time on an older vessel as there is likely to be more needing attention.  Size matter as well and I will try to bring the cost down some as the size increases.

Call me and I will be happy to discus your personal needs and will try to give you the best value.

Insurance Surveys

Nobody likes to spend more than they have to for insurance and when your company tells you they need a survey to renew it adds to the overall cost. I try to take this into account and lower may rates some to reflect this. i can do this because I will not nit pick the cosmetics as much and focus more on things that may bring you some extra valve to you. I will try to focus on safety items and problems you may not be aware of that could end up costing repair dollars in the future. most insurance surveys will run around $14.00 per foot.

Damage and Corrosion Surveys

Will be billed on an hourly rate of $80.00 per hour, if required I will try to give an estimate of the time needed but with this type of inspection it is often impossible to predict what will be found and the time needed to find accurate answers.

Rigging Surveys

A full aloft rigging survey is $150 per mast plus $80.00 per hour. Normally an inspection can be completed in 1 or 2 hours.

Oil Analysis

Oil samples are $45.00 per engine or transmission. Results can take anywhere from less than 24 hours to several days depending upon the workload at the lab. I deliver the samples to the dealer and they are sent overnight to the lab. Results are received via email.

Base Minimum of $150.00 for all types of inspections.

Turnaround time is normally 48 hours or less from completion of inspection. This can be expedited if need be. Surveys are normally send via email in PDF format. Payment is due the day of the survey and is required in full prior to release of report.


Call me and I will be happy to discus your personal needs and will try to give you the best value.