Before  a survey can start some things need to be done to expedite the process. If it is a per-purchase survey the owner or broker should be able to help wit this. I will be glad to work with the seller/broker to help with this if needed.

Arraignments will need to be made for the water trial and haul out. Often the haul out is the trickiest part to set up. Scheduling has to be done with the marina and sometimes tides need to be taken into consideration. If a weekend survey is planned it has to be kept in mind not all yards will haul on a weekend and some that do may charge extra.

It helps if extra equipment is off the boat as well. This tends to be particularly true for insurance surveys as the owner will not be removing things prior to a sale. Access to compartments is important and no surveyor can do a good job if they are spending all their time pulling things out of lockers. If equipment cannot be removed it helps if the owner will help in this process.

If equipment is to be sold with the boat or included in the report for insurance it must be on the boat at the time of survey. This could effect the value so if you want it to be part of the survey have it on site. Sorry but a surveyor cannot take your word for it that you have 10 k in electronics at home.

Make sure the batteries are charged and there is enough fuel and water on board to do the required tests. If anything has been winterized it will need to be put into full service for the survey. It is best if the owner or broker can test the basic stuff before the start of the survey.

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