Links to some of my articles published in magazines and on the web.

Emergency steering
Ocean Voyager 2017

Example of emergency rudder








Extending Communications Reach
Ocean Navigator March/April 2017

Talking on radio








Emergency signaling choices
Ocean Navigator November/December 2016
Understanding emergency beacons and how they work best








Mainsail Mastery
Ocean Navigator September/October 2016
Reducing sail and maintaining efficiency


Short Messaging via Space
Ocean Navigator March/April 2016
Texting while voyaging has become better than ever using satellites









Battery Monitors
Ocean Navigator Dec 2015
Electrical system monitors are great tools for keeping track of battery capacity









Steering inspections for the Offshore Yacht
Ocean Voyager March 2015
A look at how to inspect your system for potential problems.







A Raft in Need
Ocean Navigator, Nov/Dec 2014
Proper life raft stowage can mean the difference between life and death.










Getting the Water Out
Ocean Voyager Annual issue 2014
Understanding bilge pumps for offshore vessels.








Voyaging gensets
Ocean Navigator Magazine  January-February 2014
Whats new in marine generators









Boat Coverage
Ocean Navigator Magazine October 2013
A look at marine insurance for the Voyaging Sailboat









Keeping watch from a distance
Ocean Navigator Magazine September 2013
Remote vessel monitoring systems keep an eye on your boat no matter where you are

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