I am providing a few sample reports for you to check out as an example of my work. I do not use report writing software but rather a Word template. I feel this gives me a bit more control to customize the report to the boat rather than the other way around. I try to keep my reports fairly short while providing as much information as needed in a clean clear layout.

These samples are from actual reports but the names and other identifying information has been removed. They are in PDF format the same format used when sending to clients.

Sample Motor Cruiser

Sample Outboard Boat

Sample Sailboat

If you have some special needs in a report please feel free to discus these as I will try to accommodate you. I have had some European clients that needed reports in a format to meet their needs and i was able to accommodate that, so please just ask.

Capt. Wayne

I think by now most will have a PDF viewer installed but just in case you can download one here:

Adobe Free PDF Reader

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