Why pay extra for a consultant when having repairs done? The first and most important reason is to make sure the repairs are done correctly. Even the best yards will sometimes make mistakes, others just plain cut corners to save money. If you want to make sure that the work you are spending your hard earned money on is up to current safety standards and done correctly you should consider having a third party review the repairs. Not all boat yard personal are familiar with current safety standards, having the work inspected as it proceeds can avoid costly rework and unsafe conditions.

I have over 30 years experience building and repairing pleasure craft and know the difference between doing a job correctly and just doing it to get it done. I can advise you as to what repairs are needed and how much these repairs should cost. I can warn you in advance of cost overrun conditions and help you avoid needless expenses. I can help recommend possible alternative approaches to a given problem.

Let’s face it most Boat yards have little incentive to get repairs done quickly, after all they do get paid by the hour, the longer a job takes the more money they make. Most yards do not take advantage of this and do try to keep costs under control but is surprising just how quickly a job can overrun an estimate.

If you are planning any repairs estimated over 20 hours consider having me discuses the repairs and estimates with the yard before proceeding. Sometimes just knowing that you have hired a surveyor to review the work is all it takes to keep a yard honest and save you big bucks. In some cases you may avoid unnecessary work being done. In other cases you can avoid unsafe work being done and in most cases you will save money.

So before starting that next repair give me a call, let’s talk a little and see if we can save you some money.

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