Fiberglass Boat Restoration, Now available

My first book is now available to purchase on Amazon or you can order direct from me just send me a email with you info.

How to select a boat, plan your project, finish the job, and actually head for the water.
Over the past thirty to forty years boat builders, large and small, have produced tens of thousands of fiberglass boats. Many now sit abandoned, waiting for some tender care to get back on the water where they belong. Fiberglass unlike many other types of boatbuilding materials does not rot, rust, or break down over the years. Many people have realized this, of course, and have started what they think will be an easy project. They were wrong, and many well-intentioned renovations sit abandoned.

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Whatever the reason for wanting to take on the restoration of a project boat, proper planning and organization can make the difference between success and failure. Fiberglass Boat Restoration is about how to plan, organize and successfully complete a project boat restoration. It will explain why it is important to put your efforts and resources into some areas and not others. It contains valuable information about what to look for when considering the purchase of a project boat. Although the focus of the book is fiberglass, the information will be useful to anyone undertaking the building or restoration of any boat.

“I have been through several major restoration projects over the years and should I undertake another I am going to invite Capt. Wayne to join me. He goes through the process from a real hands on, eye open perspective and explains just what you are getting into and, for the most part what you can expect. Clear and concise, these eight chapters and the indispensable end of book resource section will keep things in focus for you” Capt. Ken Kreisler, author of Powerboating: Your First Book For Your First Boat

Now available on Amazon