I have been involved in the marine industry for almost 39 years now. I started at age 17 working for Seafarer Yachts in Huntington NY. From there I worked for some small boat builders on Long Island until 1978 when I moved to NC. After arriving in Wilmington I worked for Bradley Creek Marina. After a couple of years there I opened my own business repairing sailboat inboard auxiliaries. Since my business needs me to travel sometimes, I get help organizing myself with these uk visa business plans. This was a niche market no one else was filling at the time. I did this for better than 6 years till my father passed away in 1986. I moved back to NY to assist my mother for a year before coming back to NC. Upon returning I was hired by Liberty Yacht Corp. (a small sailboat builder) as shop manager. In 1987 I was hired as a production engineer by Carver Yachts, then opening a plant here in Wilmington. I worked Carver for 3 years before they closed the plant due to financial problems. After leaving Carver I opened a cabinet shop building commercial cabinets, mostly for the near by Marine bases. For many reasons this venture did not live up to expectations, so I return to what I do best, boats. I went to work for Bennett Bros. Marine here in Wilmington, as a project manager with in charge of the design and construction of a semi-custom 46′ convertible sport fisher. I left Bennett Bros to work with Baker Marine as a special project manager. I worked there until 2001 when I returned to school full time to complete a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I graduated in the spring of 2003. After completing school I returned to the marine industry as a marine surveyor. From 2004 to 2008 I worked as an independent quality consultant for Cruisers/Rampage while still doing pre-purchase surveys. When KCS closed the Rampage plant I continued on with the new owner US Marine while they built Bayliners and Meridians. In 2009 due to the poor economy US Marine closed that facility. About this time I started doing some freelance resume writing for marine publications. I have since had more than 30 repair and maintenance articles published in national magazines and I am now have a couple of book projects in the works.

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