For those who have not heard Kidde is having a major fire extinguisher recall due to issues with their units made with plastic handles and Plastic nozzles.  The issue has to do with the nozzles cloging or in some cases failing and becoming a dangerous projetial. To learn more visit these sites:

On the Kidde site simply follow the instructions. I did this with all five of my Kidde units and it was not hard only took a few minutes to do. Says it will take 15-20 days to get my new units and they will instruct me what to do with the old units when the new ones arrive. Keep the old units until you get your new units. I will update this when I get my new units in.

I strongly recommend you do not put this off. Gather your old units and spend the few minutes it takes to fill out the online info. You only have to put in your name and address once then enter all your units at once.

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Fir at sea can be a very scary thing indeed so do not risk not doing this. Besides I always recommend folks update their units every 8-10 years this is a great chance to update your units for free!

Capt. Wayne